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Five crucial things you should know about composite bonding in Liverpool

We offer composite bonding in Liverpool to repair worn, damaged or imperfect teeth. If you want to know more about this increasingly popular treatment or aren’t sure whether it’s right for you, here are five things you should know.

  1. How composite bonding works

You might have already heard of this miracle treatment - its ability to create flawless selfie-ready smiles has made it a firm favourite of influencers everywhere. But what is it?

The material used for bonding is composite resin. We colour-match this to your teeth, mould it onto your teeth, and bond it into place using a special UV light.

  1. It can fix a range of problems

It’s no surprise that our teeth become worn over time. They are vulnerable to sports injuries, and we use them hundreds of times every day - even sometimes for opening bottles or tearing Sellotape - although we shudder at the thought!

Even if you take good care of your pearly whites, tooth wear is an unfortunate consequence of erosion caused by the consumption of acidic food and drink.

Composite bonding can restore small cracks, chips or other damage on worn or injured teeth and cover yellow or translucent discolouration caused by acid erosion.

If natural wear and tear isn’t the problem, bonding can also fill unwanted gaps between teeth and re-shape uneven teeth to create a more symmetrical finish.

  1. Bonding is an efficient and simple procedure

When visiting Kamran Rasul for composite bonding in Liverpool, your appointment could be over in less than an hour!

Whilst it is an effective solution for minor dental imperfections, it is a straightforward process that won’t require multiple visits to the dentist.

  1. It’s cost-effective

Composite bonding doesn’t break the bank - perhaps of the reasons why it is now such an in-demand treatment.

Your dream smile is an affordable reality! At Kamran Rasul, we offer a very reasonable price from £220 per tooth.

  1. We also offer composite veneers

Composite veneers are one of the most cost-effective ways to restore the entire surface of one tooth or multiple teeth.

They take much less time than alternatives like porcelain veneers, as the tooth-shaped resin is colour-matched to your teeth and made while you wait. Like composite bonding, veneer treatment can take place in one visit.

If you’re looking to fix small cracks or chips on one tooth, we may recommend composite edge bonding rather than full veneers.

Where can I get composite bonding in Liverpool?

We offer composite bonding in Liverpool - our stunning state-of-the-art practice is in the heart of the city centre, a short six-minute walk from Moorfields train station.

We pride ourselves on offering the best dental care to everyone who walks through our doors. Contact our friendly team to book an appointment today.

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