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Seven things you might not know about Invisalign in Liverpool

If you’ve just started Invisalign treatment in Liverpool, congratulations! You’ve made a life-changing decision to improve your smile and will join thousands of other people who have had their confidence restored by straightening their teeth.

Perhaps you haven’t quite decided whether Invisalign is the perfect treatment choice. As with any treatment, you must have all the facts before going ahead - you must be aware of its limitations and advantages. Here are six things you might not know about Invisalign in Liverpool to help you make an informed decision:

1. We will give you multiple aligners throughout your treatment

During your consultation at Kamran Rasul Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry, we will take digital scans of your mouth. From there, we will create a 3D simulation of what your smile could look like post-treatment!

We’ll also use these scans to plan your treatment, and they’ll create multiple aligners of different sizes. You will change these around every two weeks throughout your treatment - as you switch them, they gradually move your teeth towards the position outlined in your treatment plan.

The change may cause discomfort as your teeth become used to the new aligners. We advise that you change them before bedtime so that you will sleep through the worst of it and take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol if necessary.

2. You must wear them for 22 hours per day

When straightening your smile with Invisalign in Liverpool, it’s important to remember that the amount of time you wear your aligners affects your treatment results. You must wear them for 22 hours per day to achieve optimum tooth movement - not doing so may result in delays and complications.

You can remove your Invisalign aligners for two hours per day to eat, drink, brush, floss, take photos, play sports - or anything else! If you remember to click them right back into place afterwards and store them hygienically in-between wear times, it will be smooth sailing.

3. Watch what you drink… and eat!

We know it might sound boring, but we recommend sticking to water and water only when your Invisalign aligners are in. Your aligners are crafted precisely to move your teeth in specific ways, and hot liquids like tea and coffee can warp the SmartTrack plastic of your aligners, preventing them from doing their job.

Similarly, plastic aligners are somewhat prone to staining. If you want them to retain their beautifully clear, near-invisible appearance, try to brush your teeth thoroughly after eating and drinking. Rinsing your aligners in-between wear times will also help with this.

4. You might experience some discomfort

You might’ve heard that Invisalign in Liverpool is more comfortable than other orthodontic solutions, and there’s truth in this! The smooth plastic aligners mean you have no chance of catching your gums or tongue on sharp brackets and wires.

Nonetheless, you may still feel some soreness or pressure when wearing them as they start to move your teeth. This is normal and happens to most patients - the pain should wear off a few days after you change your aligners, and you can manage with painkillers in the interim.

5. You should store your aligners properly when you remove them

We will give you a plastic case to store your aligners in when you take them out to eat or drink - be sure to keep them in their case whenever you’re not wearing them.

As time goes on, you might start forgetting to store them properly - some patients put them in a tissue or even leave them loose on the table or in their bag.

But leaving them lying around can risk damaging or warping the plastic. It also poses a hygiene risk to you and others around you! The aligners will be covered in bacteria from your mouth and should be safely stored away before gathering more from external surfaces.

6. Double down on your oral hygiene routine

If you’ve opted for Invisalign in Liverpool, you must care for your clear aligners as you would your teeth. When you remove them to brush and floss - which you should be doing twice a day without fail - give your aligners a quick brush too. This routine will help to keep them fresh and stain-free.

Brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in, but try to wait 30 minutes after eating, as brushing too quickly can damage your enamel in its weakened state. If brushing isn’t possible, sip water to flush away food particles and prevent them from getting caught in your aligners.

7. What does Invisalign cost in Liverpool?

If you’ve considered all the above and are still keen to go ahead with treatment, your next question might be: what does Invisalign cost in Liverpool? The price may differ from practice to practice but remember you should never sacrifice the quality of your care because of cost!

At Kamran Rasul Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, our Invisalign treatment costs range from £2,500 for a single row of teeth, to £3,500 for the upper and lower rows with teeth whitening. If you’re not sure whether you need single or multiple rows, visit us for a consultation - we’ll examine your teeth and recommend the best course of action.

Where can I get expert Invisalign in Liverpool?

If you’re looking for a perfectly aligned smile, we would love to help! We’re now accepting new patients and have no waiting lists for treatment, so we can get you booked right away. Visit our website to arrange an initial consultation or contact our friendly team to ask any questions.

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